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Technical description
Instructions for use
Code Obturators Cannula Dimensions Length Description
EC5SS-O Optical  Ribbed 5.5mm 70mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC5SL-O  Optical  Ribbed 5.5mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC5SL-O  Optical  Ribbed 5.5mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC5SXL-O Optical  Ribbed 5.5mm 150mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula

How Supplied

Contents are sterile for single use only.

Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.

Do not re-sterilise.


This device is not intended for use when endoscopic techniques are contraindicated.


1. This device is designed for single use only, and is not to be reused or re-sterilised. Please do not re-use or re-process to avoid irreversible injury such as cross-infection or injury caused by device malfunction. Do not Use if package is opened or damaged.

2. Endoscopic procedures should be performed only by physicians with adequate training and knowledge of these procedures. In addition, medical literature should be consulted regarding techniques, hazards, contraindications, and complications prior to the performance of these procedures.

3. Before endoscopic instruments and accessories from different manufacturers are utilised together in a procedure, verify compatibility and ensure that electrical isolation of ground is not compromised.

4. Store this device in a dry, clean and safe place. Keep the device away from flammable and combustible chemicals or materials.

5. Please follow universal guidelines upon medical waste disposal to avoid any potential cross-infection, environmental contamination or injury caused by sharp waste.

6. Verify that the sizes of all surgical components selected are compatible.

7. Instruments should not be opened while inside the cannula.

8. The site needs to be inspected for hemostasis after the trocar assembly is removed from cavity.

Intended Use

1. The Trocar and Cannula system has applications in a variety of endoscopic procedures to provide a port of entry for endoscopic instruments into the body cavity of patients.

2. Visible Trocar allows direct visualization of the abdominal wall layers when the trocar is traversed, which offers a safe and rapid option of primary trocar.

Instructions for Use

• The trocar is packed with the stop cock in the closed position. If insufflation is required, attach insufflation tubing to the stopcock on the cannula assembly and open the stopcock (to stop the insufflation, close the stopcock).

• Assemble the obturator and cannula together. A laparoscope may be used by inserting it into port on the top rear of the obturator. This will aid visualizing the passage of the trocar through the tissue layers.

• Incise the skin in selected area adequately to accommodate trocar.

• Visible Trocar assembly should be rotated with quarter turns back and forth during entry to aid in tissue dissection and insertion.

• If desired insert a laparoscope through the rear of the obturator.

• Using the pistol grip of the obturator progress the trocar through the incision by applying continuous downward pressure.

• When the instrument is in the desired position, remove the obturator and leave the cannula in place. • (Detachable version) For specimen removal simply twist the cannula housing and remove the black seal.

Optical Trocar


  • • Provides direct visualisation during insertion, reducing the risk to the patient 
  • Excellent optical clarity allows the user to visibly detect when the peritoneum is penetrated 
  • Bladeless tip design for reduced tissue damage, ease of insertion and good abdominal wall retention
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