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Technical description
Instructions for use
Code Description Length
BPM001(10) 5mm bipolar Maryland forceps and cable 330mm
*07F-003 5mm bipolar fenestrated grasper and cable 330mm


The LaproSurge disposable bipolar Maryland forceps are provided sterile with bipolar dissector, a 5mm long shaft and a bipolar cable. This product does not contain latex.


This use of electrosurgical instruments is contraindicated when, in the judgment of the physician, their use would be contrary to the best interest of the patient. Recommended Use: The LaproSurge disposable bipolar Maryland forceps are a sterile and single-use instrument to be used in a variety of laparoscopic procedures to dissect tissue.


1. Remove the bipolar Maryland forceps from the package.

2. Insert the shaft through the desired trocar cannula. Please note the jaws of dissector must be closed prior to insertion or removal through the cannula.

3. Dissect the desired tissue with the dissector jaws.

4. To operate the bipolar electrosurgical feature, please follow instructions provided by the manufacturer of electrosurgical generator.


This device is EO sterilized and for single use only, and is not to be re-used or re-sterilized. Do not use if package is opened or damaged.

Endoscopic procedures should be performed only by physicians with adequate training and knowledge of these procedures. In addition, medical literature should be consulted regarding techniques, hazards, contraindications, and complications prior to the performance of these procedures.

Before utilizing endoscopic instruments and accessories supplied from different manufacturers, verify compatibility and ensure that electrical isolation of grounding is not compromised.

A thorough understanding of techniques and principles involved in electrosurgical procedures is necessary to avoid burn or shock hazards to patient and/or operator.

Refer to instructions for use provided by the electrosurgical generator to ensure that all safety precautions are followed

Bipolar Fenestrated Grasper and Bipolar Maryland Forceps


  • All double action jaws with wide 50° opening angle
  • Supplied with bipolar cable for connection to electrosurgical units
  • 360° finger-tip rotation for accurate tip control
  • Fully insulated shaft for increased safety
  • Ergonomic handle provides a high level of tactile feedback and comfort during use
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