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Technical description
Instructions for use
Code Obturators Cannula Dimensions Length Description
EC10SLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 10/11mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC10DLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 10/11mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 2 x Cannula
EC12SLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 10/11mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula 
EC12DLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 12.5mm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 2 x Cannula
EC10SXLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 10/11mm 150mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC12SXLB Auto Bladeless Ribbed 12.5mm 150mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula
EC15SLB Bladeless Ribbed 15cm 100mm 1 x Trocar & 1 x Cannula

How Supplied

Contents are sterile for single patient use only.

Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.

Do not re-sterilise.


This device is not intended for use when endoscopic techniques are contraindicated.


1. This device is designed for single use only, and is not to be reused or re-sterilised. Do not Use if package is opened or damaged.

2. Endoscopic procedures should be performed only by physicians with adequate training and knowledge of these procedures. In addition, medical literature should be consulted regarding techniques, hazards, contraindications, and complications prior to the performance of these procedures.

3. Before endoscopic instruments and accessories from different manufacturers are utilised together in a procedure, verify compatibility and ensure that electrical isolation of ground is not compromised.

4. A thorough understanding of techniques and principles involved in electrosurgical procedures is necessary to avoid burn or shock hazard to patient and or operator.

Indications for Use

The Trocar and Cannula system has applications in a variety of endoscopic procedures to provide a port of entry for endoscopic instruments.

Instructions for Use

Close the stopcock before use.

Assemble the obturator and cannula together. Incise the skin in selected area adequately to accommodate trocar.

With the trocar head in the palm of the hand apply continuous downward pressure progressing the trocar through the incision.

When the instrument is in the desired position, remove the obturator and leave the cannula in place.

Note: using a 15mm cannula, with a 5mm instrument and without the appropriate converter may cause desufflation of the cavity.

Bladeless Trocars


  • Gently separates tissue layers instead of cutting 
  • Combines reduced tissue damage and good abdominal wall retention 
  • Low insertion force provided by atraumatic lateral wings
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