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Dụng cụ hỗ trợ sản phẩm Ngoại Thần Kinh

- Locate the defect of the skull.

- Re-engineering of craniofacial defects and missing points in skull bone structure.

- Heal autologous skull bones to the original structure after being raised in a tissue bank


1. Plate and panel cutters: ( Code: 14-1T1-0200 ) cut the skull patch mesh by the suitable shape, facilitating easy and precise panel shaping

2: Panel forming pliers: ( Code: 14-1T1-0240 ) give facilities easy and precise panel shaping.

3: Quick tap power driver : ( Code: 14-1T1-0100 ) Taper fit screwdriver easily picks up and reliably drives screws. New “cap & carrier” design makes loading screws into the tray a snap. Place the screws in their spot and snap off the end cap. The carrier provides lot traceabilty

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