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Hanh Nguyen Medical presents operating room consumable supplies: trocar laparoscopic instruments, hemostatic powder, hemostatic gauze at large hospitals in South Vietnam

In the past, medical specialists used to have difficulty with hemostasis in surgery because the group of consumable supplies and laparoscopy surgery products was limited, and these were not well advanced and did not have great efficiency for patients. Hanh Nguyen had a presentation on these products. We have brought about a large number of products that were researched and improved with extraordinary technology from reputable suppliers worldwide: Stasil Hemostatic Powder, Assut Europe Hemostatic Pads and Materials, Trocar and Instruments LaproSurge single use laparoscopic surgery. These products have the effect of reducing perioperative blood loss, preventing tissue adhesion, antibacterian,  assisting patients to recover faster, and reducing incidents that cause harm to patients. Simultaneously, the products are the optimal solution to help patients receive surgery safely and effectively.

Hanh Nguyen has successfully conducted product training at hospitals: Trung Vuong Hospital, Hospital for traumatology and otherpaedics , and Dong Nai Hospital.

Training at Trung Vuong hospital
Training at Dong Nai hospital
Training at Dong Nai hospital
Training at Dong Nai hospital