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Technical description
Instructions for use
Code Product Length
TC6S 6mm Thoracic Cannula and Blunt Trocar 70mm
TC11S 11mm Thoracic Cannula and Blunt Trocar 70mm
TC13S 13mm Thoracic Cannula and Blunt Trocar 70mm
TC15S 15mm Thoracic Cannula and Blunt Trocar 70mm

How Supplied

Contents are sterile for single use only.

Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.

Do not re-sterilise.


This device is not intended for use when endoscopic techniques are contraindicated.

Warnings and Precautions

1. This device is designed for single use only, and is not to be reused or re-sterilised. Please do not re-use or re-process to avoid irreversible injury such as cross-infection or injury caused by device malfunction. Do not Use if package is opened or damaged.

2. Endoscopic procedures should be performed only by physicians with adequate training and knowledge of these procedures. In addition, medical literature should be consulted regarding techniques, hazards, contraindications, and complications prior to the performance of these procedures.

3. Before endoscopic instruments and accessories from different manufacturers are utilised together in a procedure, verify compatibility and ensure that electrical isolation of ground is not compromised.

4. Store this device in a dry, clean and safe place. Keep the device away from flammable and combustible chemicals or materials.

5. The site needs to be inspected for hemostasis after the trocar assembly is removed from cavity.

6. Please follow universal guidelines upon medical waste disposal to avoid any potential cross-infection, environmental contamination or injury caused by sharp waste.

Intended Use

1. The Trocar and Cannula system has applications in a variety of endoscopic procedures to provide a port of entry for endoscopic instruments into the body cavity of patients.

2. Thoracic trocar consists of a blunt-tipped obturator and a threaded cannula. It is designed for instrument stabilization and also protect against foreign materials entering the chest cavity. Once inserted into the chest, the thoracic trocar must be turned clockwise until it is securely seated in the tissue. There are four types of thoracic trocars: 6mm/7cm, 11mm/7cm, 13mm/7cm, and 15mm/7cm.

Instructions for Use

1. Incise the selected area of the chest adequately.

2. Introduce the thoracic trocar through the incision using continuous downward pressure.

3. Turn the trocar and the cannula clockwise into the tissue until the threaded cannula is securely seated in the tissue.

4. Remove the obturator from the cannula carefully, and leave the threaded cannula in place. Instruments of appropriate size could be easily introduced through the cannula.

5. While taking out the threaded cannula, unscrew it counterclockwise

Thoracic Cannulas

The LaproSurge thoracic trocar is latex-free and is designed to be used in thoracoscopic and other minimally invasive procedures to provide access for instruments in the thoracic cavity where insufflation is not required.


  • Available in four sizes – 6mm, 11mm, 13mm and 15mm
  • Each size is colour coded for easy identificatio
  • During insertion, the thoracic trocar must be turned clockwise until it is positioned securely in the tissue
  • The proximal end of cannula is covered to protect against foreign material entering the chest cavity 
  • Non-conductive wide threaded cannula grips tissue and reduces slippage during instrument use
  • Blunt tip obturator prevents internal damage
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